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The Art of Doing Life Podcast is Live!

So many of us dream of cultivating a creative life, but something always gets in the way.

“I’ll write the book when I get settled and buy a house.”

“I’ll begin painting again when I get a new job.”

“I’ll resume photography when I get a grip on my mental health.”

Sound familiar?

As we navigate the realities of living while human, making art can feel impossible. Many of us have a list of the perfect conditions that must exist before we can live our creative dreams. But what if the ideal circumstances we’re waiting for never come?

“The Art of Doing Life” is a show about creating while falling apart, hosted by educator, writer, and storyteller, Danielle Shontae Smith. Living with major depression, chronic illness, PTSD, and grief, Danielle explores the daily realities of engaging in the creative process during times of trial.

Featuring a mix of solo episodes and conversations with guests, “The Art of Doing Life” is for those of us trying to make art from the messiness of our lives.

“The Art of Doing Life” podcast launched in March 2023. Contact the show:

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“The Art of Doing Life” podcast launched in March 2023.

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